Environmental commitment

Stylist combing through hair at Richard Pearce Hairdressing

Our commitment to you

We are committed to making our planet a better place by using innovative products and services that respect our stylists and customers' needs and the environment we all share. Our partner global colour, haircare, and styling brand is Goldwell. Their quality, performance and education are unsurpassed, and their carbon footprint ethics align with our environmental consciousness.

Water reduction

We have invested in Eco Shower Head back washes, giving a 25% reduction in water usage and a luxurious rinse surpassing your average backwash experience.

Co2 Reduction

Goldwell supplies 98% of the products we use in the salon, from colour to shampoo, conditioners, and styling products. Since 2014, their production facilities have been powered by 100% sustainable, climate-neutral electric energy. Goldwell is owned by KAO, one of the top 100 most carbon-neutral manufacturers of any industry in the world.


All our permanent and semi-permanent colours are 100% vegan and 94% natural. With the introduction of Topchic Zero permanent colour, which is ammonia free and up to 98% biodegradable, we can now enjoy the amazing colour performance our stylist's demand in the knowledge that nothing we rinse away at the backwash will harm the marine environment in our oceans.

Animal Testing

Since the 1980s, our partner brands have complied with non-animal testing well before the relevant EU legislation in 2004.

Reducing Plastic waste

You can help us reduce plastic waste and save money. When you buy a Goldwell shampoo or conditioner used and recommend from us, bring the bottle back, and we will refill it at a generously reduced price.

As well as being passionate about hairdressing, Richard Pearce, owner of Richard Pearce Hairdressing, is a fanatic diver, observer, and underwater photographer of local marine life in our local Solent for over 30 years. This is why we select only the best possible colour and conditioner available on the planet, knowing that we're caring and conscientious in our footprint.